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See you soon!

My ETSY shop will be temporarily CLOSED due to university. I haven’t got time for updating it regularly. I prefer take a break and re-organized everything better when I can, offering you a perfect service. :)

Still keep an eye on the page, because I could post personal handmade work. I also invite you to take a look on my FB page about painting/drawing.

Thank you <3

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I’m going to upload again every digital sheet, there’s a new way to download them from Etsy, more comfortable and quicker. Just click on the pictures upon, if you don’t see the images, check the inks right below.

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Salut followers! New things in my life will come. I’ll describe everything shortly. :)

First I’m going to change my studies. I start to study Languages and Literature (french and english) at Statale University in Milan. Since a year I’ve discovered how France is, the way of living of people, the beautiful places I visit - yes, I’ve fell in love with it. That’s the main reason, I’ve always loved french language though.

Second thing, I want to try some new crafting skills. For instance I got some leather in different colours so I’m going to start some crafting with it. I was thinking to make a little purse to start, I’ll post wip here of course. What do you think about starting knitting? Sounds a relaxing hobby and I wanna try x)

So just keep an eye on my blog! See ya~


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